Gym machines can help you attain your strength-building goals.

What comes to mind when you think about strength and how to attain it?  Strength can mean different things. “Strength in the gym, is the ability of the body – specifically the neuromuscular system – to produce enough internal tension to overcome an external load.”

Whether you’re brand new to the gym or a seasoned athlete, there are some pieces of equipment that are well-suited to help you reach your strength-building goals. These gym machines are equally useful for women and men.

Here are five strength machines to start using today:

1. Cable machine

Arguably the most versatile piece of machinery in any gym, a cable machine allows you to attack virtually every muscle in your body through a range of both total-body and isolation exercises. With them, you can perform countless exercises from a variety of heights and positions including standing, sitting, kneeling or even lying down.

2. Hamstring curl machine

The average people has weak hamstrings, but this easy-to-use machine can strengthen them up big time. And even if you routinely work your hamstrings with hip-focused movements like single-leg deadlifts, you still need the hamstring curl machine. That’s because electromyography studies show that the machine works a different region of your hamstrings. “If you want comprehensive training, you want at least one exercise in your arsenal in which movement originates from the knee joint and follows a full range of motion”.

3. High-row machine

“You can never do too many pulling exercises”. They help strengthen the back, open up the chest, improve posture and correct muscular imbalances that stem from sitting at the computer all day.

4. Assisted chin-up machine

“This machine is excellent”. “It’s a great way to work toward performing a chin-up or pull-up.” And, even if you can already eek out a pull-up or two all by yourself, the machine allows you to get in muscle sets and reps for increased strength and muscle gains throughout your back, core, biceps and shoulders.

5. Seated cable row

This basic cable machine is one of the most important to incorporate into any gym routine. “It enables the user to strengthen many of the upper body muscles that we need for great posture”. Boosting these muscles helps prevent common shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tears. This machine typically comes with multiple attachments you can use to target different muscles.

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