Making time for recovery is key to a successful exercise plan.

Researchers have spent years encouraging people to exercise regularly and vigorously. Now the big push is to get them to go at it gently – at least sometimes – and to take a break.

Why? It turns out that if you don’t allow your muscles to recover between workouts, you could actually be decreasing your fitness – or worse. In people who exercise moderately to vigorously, experts say, not giving the muscles sufficient downtime can cause overtraining, physical and mental fatigue (hello, burnout), difficulty sleeping, decreased immunity, mood swings and overuse injuries, such as stress fractures, muscle strains and joint pain.

Rebuilding required: Here’s some physiology 101: Exercise is a catabolic event, meaning it causes breakdown in the body. The protein filaments within your muscle fibers, which help you produce force, are torn as your stores of fuels, including glucose, are depleted. Immediately after a workout, the body goes through an alarm stage – a matter of hours or an entire day, depending on how long and intense the exercise session – during which it is in a kind of shock, and immune function is suppressed. Then comes the replenishment stage, when the body restores its fuels and mends muscle. Finally, during the compensation phase, rebuilding and progress happen, so you’re able to run a bit faster or lift a bit more the next time.

But here’s the hitch: If you keep working out without sufficient time to recover, you’ll never make it to the compensation phase.

Gyms are racing to help you avoid this fate, building in a range of recovery activities from stretching and foam rolling (which for not-quite-understood reasons seems to help loosen muscles and ease soreness) to very low-intensity exercise like an easy walk or cycle and educating members on the benefits of proper sleep.

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